Pencil Pleat – this is best described as rows of pencils. It gives a neat finish to your curtains at a reasonable cost.

Double or Triple Pinch – These will give a stylish and elegant finishing. This style of curtain will generally use more fabric than a pencil pleat.

Eyelets – These give a fabulous contemporary sleek finish to your curtains. These curtains are perfect if you are looking for the modern style.



Roman Blinds are one of the most popular and stylish ways to dress your windows – they can be fitted into the recess of your window or the outer window. These can be combined with matching curtains with co-ordinating fabrics.

We can also make waterfall blinds.

All of our blinds will be lined and interlined, unless specified otherwise.


Soft Furnishings

We offer a range of soft furnishings from scatter cushions, box cushions, window seats, throws and the reupholstering of dining room chairs.

Soft furnishings